Disney Annual Pass Higher Cost Adds Perk

Disney Annual Pass PricesOh Disney, you are so sneaky! There is an increase in the cost for Annual Passes for Walt Disney World​. This is a big steep jump. The new cost for what Disney is calling a Disney Platinum Pass is $797.69 per person. A Disney Platinum Plus Pass will cost you $882.89 per person. These prices include tax. That is a big jump, but there is a nice addition to the benefits you get.

Disney Annual Pass and PhotoPass

Along with the increase in cost you now get Disney PhotoPass downloads for the entire life of your Annual Pass. If you are a big fan of PhotoPass this could be a great addition to you. I have used it, and I like it, but not for every trip. It can be very time consuming stopping for pictures. I do love the videos on it, which are magically added to pictures. I also loved the ride videos. Those were fun to see. Disney adds lots of magic to PhotoPass.

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