Disney Discounts Coming Soon!

disney discounts september 28 2015Monday sounds like a nice day of the week for Disney discounts to come out, doesn’t it? There is some noise in the air… Could be Disney Deals coming out on September 28? I have heard this rumor. Would it be ever so helpful for Disney to give some kind of head’s up? Yes, it would. I don’t expect them to do that, though. They get flooded quick enough with calls to modify reservations. My travel pixie sense is always on alert for deals. Even without a rumor, it is time for something to come out. The last deal expired over a week ago.

Disney Discounts the Easy Way

I can promise you that if you are booked through Franniepoppins Vacation Magic, I will be personally monitoring your reservation. I will be looking for a deal. If your dates are between January 3 and march 14, 2016, your reservation is queued into my Reservations to Modify File already.

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