Floods – Driving to Disney World

Floods in South Caroline WMBFAre you getting ready to head to Walt Disney World this week? If you are planning to drive down the East Coast, be aware that you may encounter roads and highways that are damaged due to the historic floods. You can plan accordingly to avoid these areas. This is not only helpful to you, but also to the affected areas. The less traffic they have right now the better.

Floods and Road Closures – South Carolina

As of right now, October 5, 2015, 11:00 am EST, here is a list of highways closed in South Carolina due to floods.

  • I-95 – still closed due to flooding
  • I-26 – still closed due to high water / bridge safety in Columbia
  • I-20 – still closed due to high water / bridge safety in Columbia

The following link is in PDF form. It is a current map of bridge and road closures. Remember to refresh it whenever you check it, because it will be updated. This next link lists the conditions as they are right now of the roads and bridge that are closed. It has pretty detailed information on what is wrong with each road. This is an interactive map of the roads in South Carolina. Also, I highly recommend the WAZE app for current traffic reports. Seriously, find other routes or expect long delays and detours.

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