HEALTHCARE Does your Doctor Know You?

Franniepoppins talks about HealthcareAnyone who knows Franniepoppins knows she is all about Disney vacations and family. There are so many facets to life and healthcare is a big part of today’s world’s concerns. I know that Franniepoppins needs to stay healthy and happy. That way she can keep creating fun vacations for you! In that light, I am going to be writing a few articles off the beaten path of Disney destination vacations. Let’s jump right in with a viewpoint of my visit to the doctor this morning.

A Commentary – Our Healthcare System Today

This may end up to be a commentary on the healthcare system today. If you read it with that in mind you will catch my drift. I am almost 59 years old. I have had to switch doctors four times in the last ten years because of insurance situations. I have an odd immune system and lots of drug allergies, along with a high intolerance to gluten; undiagnosed celiac. I just had major surgery a year ago to have my sigmoid colon resected. All in all you will see I am in fair health, with a weak immune system. I know my body and in fact have lived with it all these years. It would be most helpful to have a healthcare provider who knows me. I am becoming more and more aware of the fact that having a healthcare provider today who really knows you is nearly impossible.

Let’s Get Personal – A Tidbit about my Healthcare

I got sick over the weekend, actually on Sunday. I was pretty sure it was the flu because onset was so quick. Typical viral feeling, fever came on and my famous rash appeared after the onset of the fever.  For many years I have gotten this body rash when I am sick. It has different ways of appearing and I can tell what is going on generally by the rash. When I have something viral, I get the rash after the fever. It is my skin fighting the virus, basically. If I am very sick with some type of bad infection, the rash comes first, out of nowhere, when I am actually feeling fine. The illness usually surfaces the next day, or so. Or, if I have some type of physical trauma, like when I had surgery, I get the rash.

Healthcare providers hate my rash because they can’t explain it. I had a doctor once who got it and was wonderful. I have no idea where he is now.

My Healthcare Appointment Today

I had a scheduled appointment with my healthcare provider this morning to recheck my hypertension meds. That situation is an entirely different article for another day. I called yesterday to let them know I was ill; possibly had the flu. They told me to come in and to wear a mask. I actually felt a little better this morning, and I think the fever might be gone. The rash looks horrible, of course. That is because it is at the worst point, bright red over my entire body. Tomorrow, it will probably be gone.

I get in the office and my temperature was 98.1, which is low grade for me because I sit at 96.8 normal. I had to remind the tech of that fact when she said my temperature was below normal. I commented that it was down from the 99.6 I was getting, which for me is a pretty high fever. I spent valuable appointment time explaining something about my body that they should already know. Or, at least that is how I feel. My chart is right there with lots and lots of low temperature readings over years and years.

The swab tests for flu and strep both came back negative. I was glad to see that because that would mean no antibiotic. The healthcare provider kept remarking on my rash, because she is my new doctor and this rash freaks doctors out. She said none of my symptoms were typical. She put me on an antibiotic for the rash. I kept telling her this was my very normal rash, and the rash itself had me feeling I was doing better. It was progressing as it does when I have something viral. When I left I was sure I did not need an antibiotic. It is a skin disorder, really. It is not an infection.

Non-Compliant Healthcare Patient

So, I am hereby being a noncompliant patient and not taking the antibiotic. I am going to call her and explain that unless she can actually show me what is infected, I do not want to take an antibiotic. Franniepoppins is taking a stand against unnecessary antibiotic use!

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