Free Dining in Walt Disney World

Free Dining in Walt Disney World for Fall 2015

Walt Disney World released free dining for Fall 2015 travel dates. This was released with no warning, and did not go out to Disney Visa Cardholders first. It seems that availability is very limited, with almost all of October blacked out. The dates do go all the way to December 21,2015.  It is a good offer, of course.

Is Free Disney Dining the Best Offer?

That truly depends on each family. I have found that sometimes the room only discount offers are better for some families. Disney dining plans do not work for everyone. I try to look at each family and help them decide what  will work best. If you aren’t sure a dining plan will work for you, you can always look for a resort discount. There is one available now that runs up to October 3, 2015. I am hopeful that  the dates in October blacked out from free dining will end up getting room discounts at some point. Stay Tuned!

For now you can find the details of the Free Dining Offer HERE and the Fall Room Offer  HERE.

I am happy to help you plan and take care of every detail including watching for and applying discounts for you. It is tricky.

Disney Vacation Planning Magic!

Franniepoppins Disney Vacation MagicWelcome to Franniepoppins Vacation Magic Blog! You will find lots of fun articles here. There will be Disney news and Disney information shared. I will be sharing my personal feelings about Disney, health and spirituality. Life is all about balance. I have found that being balanced physically and spiritually works to keep me feeling happy. Adding Disney vacation destinations into the mix just boosts that happiness factor a little more.

Plan a Disney Vacation!

One of my favorite quotes by Saint Padre Pio is, “Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry.” I hope Padre Pio doesn’t mind if I add to that quote and say, “Pray, Hope, Don’t Worry and Plan a Disney Vacation!”

You can visit my website, where Franniepoppins Vacation Magic happens, for vacation planning help. I hope you will visit here again soon. I will be adding lots of fun Disney articles, I promise.